David and Hannah Cashman have promised their family a fun Christmas getaway, but when they arrive at a grand, old house in the snowy woods of Washington and are greeted by familiar construction foreman, the kids realize their parent’s plan to make it a working vacation; renovating the place in the hopes of flipping it. Alicia, the eldest, is annoyed but the younger kids are soon distracted when, wandering through the creepy mansion, they find a stash of old toys in an abandoned playroom and take to them instantly. Before long, they seem to be inseparable from their new playthings, much to the consternation of their nanny Rose who, along with Alicia, senses that something in the house is not quite right. As stranger and stranger things start to happen, Rose and Alicia have a hunch that there may be more to the history of the old house than the Cashman’s are letting on. Can the family escape with their lives – or will they stay forever in the crumbling house, never to celebrate another Christmas again? Bringing the nostalgia of stop motion holiday specials - #ToysOfTerror stars #KyanaTeresa (“Shadowhunters,” “Star Trek: Discovery”) as Hannah Cashman, Georgia Waters (“Siren”) as Rose Mathis, Verity Marks (“The Christmas Club”) as Alicia Cashman, Dayo Ade (“Workin Moms,” “October Faction”) as David Cashman, Saul Elias as Franklin Cashman and Zoe Fish as Zoe Cashman. The film is written and executive produced by Dana Gould (“Stan Against Evil,” “The Simpsons”) and directed by Nicholas Verso (Boys in the Trees, “Nowhere Boys”). The movie is produced by Blue Ribbon Content in association with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and SYFY.


  • 10.0BD中英双字逃跑当女儿得知了母亲罪恶的秘密:《网络谜踪》导演阿尼什·查甘蒂自编自导,讲述“香蕉姐”莎拉·保罗森饰演的母亲独自抚养着女儿(基拉·艾伦 饰),当女儿得知了母亲罪恶的秘密,她们的生活开始瓦解
  • 5.0HD中字电话一通电话引发危险游戏:一通电话让来自过去和现在的两个女人产生了奇妙的联系,并引发了一场改变未来的危险游戏...她们将渐渐难以自拔
  • 3.0HD中字血战摩苏尔要从ISIS手中夺回自己的家园:该片改编自真实事件,讲述一名年轻的伊拉克警察被尼尼微的特种部队从交火中救出,此后加入了一支10人小队,他们筹划游击行动,要从ISIS手中夺回自己的家园
  • 9.0HD鲍勃的礼物在街头度过最后圣诞节:2016年的动物剧情喜剧《流浪猫鲍勃》将拍续集《鲍勃的礼物》(A Gift From Bob),而主演小哥卢克·崔德威宣布回归,将继续饰演街头艺术家James Bowen,续集也继续聚焦他与闯入自己生
  • 8.0HD中字埃舍尔街的红色邮筒实体书信邮寄来招募演员:园子温新片讲述导演小林正的新片“假面”招募演员,吸引大批想入行的女人前来报名,但是条件只有一个:必须通过实体书信邮寄,而正是红色的邮筒,将所有角色串联到了一起……
  • 2.0HD芝加哥七君子审判历史上最臭名昭著的几场审判之一:影片改编自真实事件,1969年七名民权运动分子因在前一年芝加哥民主党代表大会召开时举行抗议活动而被控阴谋罪,这也成为60年代民权运动重要事件之一

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